I’m going to share a quick tip on how to easily create strings of a fixed length. For example suppose you have two strings like this.

var text1 = "Short text";
var text2 = "This is a longer text";

But you want to have this instead:

“Short text…………….” “This is a longer text…..” So you want all strings to be 25 characters long and fill in with . if needed to get there.

One way you could do this is like this:

var newText2 = text2 + new string('.', 25 - text2.Length);

That would give you This is a longer text…. for text2 and Short text…………… for text1.

Now the second parameter in the string constructor cannot be negative so you want to check that maybe like this new string('.', (25 - text2.Length) < 0 ? 0 : 25 - text2.Length).

However there is another way that is even easier. You can use PadRight to accomplish the same thing. So var newText2 = text2.PadRight(25, '.'); will give you the same result This is a longer text….

There is also a PadLeft if you want to right align your text instead.

Hopefully this quick tip may be of value to you sometime.