A couple great tools

I want to take some time and point out a couple great tools that make my day to day development easier. These work great for C# developers but are not limited to only C# as you will see.

These are tools that make it very easy to quickly try out some little pieces of code and see the results

####.NetFiddle For the first one all you need is your browser. .NetFiddle is a web application that lets you run C#, VB.NET, and F# code. For the project type you have the option of Console, Script, MVC, and Nancy. You can also enter NuGet package names as well.

It has the ability to AutoRun and I like using it for short pieces of C# code. This picture will give you an idea of the functionality that you get. You can also share fiddle’s with others, for example here is the one that you saw in the previous picture. Another thing you get is Intellisense as well!

You even have the option of viewing the IL! This definitely is a very handy tool if you like using browser tools.


This is another awesome tool for developers. Not only can you use the languages that .NetFiddle supports, there also is support for SQL as well! Here’s an image of a simple C# statement. LINQPad has a free version but you also can upgrade to get more features which make it even more awesome. Here is a comparison between the different editions.

As a developer it is really helpful to have tools to play around with new ideas or experiment with code.

What related tools do you like and use often?